Monday, January 7, 2013

Trying to make blogging a go....maybe I will, maybe I won't.

I have debated on whether I should keep trying to write on this blog or not.  I don't have any rhyme or reason to my posts.  I definitely do not have the gift of writing.  I take horrible pictures for the most part.  I can't be bothered to use anything more than my camera phone these days to take pictures.  I guess I have decided to try it again because I am not writing in my journals, and I like how fast it is for me to just type out my thoughts instead of writing them on paper.  I started out trying to blog because I was writing updates about Kaitlyn on a site where people can share their medical journeys.  When you start on a journey that is unfamiliar, you want those closest to you to be there to encourage you, and to help you find your way. I liked the idea of writing it once and pushing it out for everyone to see.  You didn't have to explain yourself over and over.  Blogging was starting to really catch steam after our first year was behind us.  By then, I didn't have the intensity I had in the beginning to share every single cc of every bottle Katie took.  Facebook was coming around then too.  I found a friend or two to start with who had a child with Down syndrome.  It blossomed from there.  At this point, I have really limited any friends on Facebook.  I want to keep up with all my in real life friends, and it was become harder and harder to do that.  I wanted to get to know the ones I had in my list.  I remember what those new moms felt like, and when one of them want to friend me, well, how can you say no?  I was there.  I haven't forgotten.  I still remember those uncertain moments, those fearful moments, those moments when I felt overwhelmed with what had been put before me.  I want to keep sharing with those people who may stumble in the beginning.

I know 100 other blogs (all talking about Down syndrome) who write better than me, who share incredible pictures, who tell a story that makes you come back for more (and I will share those), but a part of me wants to share my Katie too. I want to share with those who may be hearing the words Down syndrome for the first time.  I want people to know what I have learned along the journey.  If I never pick up another pen to journal, I want to have a place that my children can come back and read and know who their mother was. 

I love to read, and I love to look at pictures.  Lately, I have been on a house blogging kick.  I have been finding blogs about home renovations and decorating, and I get hooked and have to read the entire history of the blog. I did this back when I was first learning about Down syndrome too.  Kind of like reading a book full of short stories who happen to have gorgeous pictures.  I can't wait to share those amazing spaces with everyone. There are some other things I want to share too. Things such as my favorite pins from Pinterest, great movies, good quotes, yummy recipes, and all sorts of other things that inspire me. 

So, I will push on and try to find some rhyme and reason in my rambling thoughts and bring them here for you all to put together.  Ha!

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