Monday, October 31, 2011

31 for 21: Day 30—Almost there, Q is for Quotes

I love quotes, Bible verses, and almost anything that packs a punch with a few words. I find inspiration in many different places. Sometimes it is in someone’s signature line with their e-mail, sometimes it is a saying on a mug or picture, they are all over my Facebook wall, and they even have good one’s in my Dove chocolate candy wrappers. My favorite Dove one has to be the one at my desk at work: Chocolate therapy—oh so good! True words for sure! Good one Dove candy wrapper inspiration team! I know that had to come from a woman—I haven’t really seen many men go nuts for chocolate. I love quotes from famous people such as Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, and Eleanor Roosevelt to name some of my favorites. I find inspiring words on Facebook pages such as Hopelights and An Angels Love. My love of quotes can be found just about anywhere. On logos, in magazines, favorite passages in books, in cards and gift shops. Chances are you usually see a quote when I am writing too. I just thought I would share with you some of the quotes around my house.
Can’t remember where this came from, but it is a magnet that hangs on my fridge.
Books such as these have a lot of inspiring words in them. Book on the left has great pictures to go with the great words.
These hangs in the kitchen.

This hangs in Kaitlyn’s room.

These are on Katie’s hutch. Please note that yes there is that much dust on her curio! Embarrassing, but this is real life here. Good thing Katie doesn’t sleep in her room—she would have some serious allergies!

This is a quote I painted on her wall after we came home from the NICU. I put the vinyl words up, taped off the the rectangle shape, painted inside the square and when the paint was dry, pulled off the vinyl words. Her wooden letters came from eBay. They were painted to match her bedding set.
Another plaque in Katie’s room.

I keep this in the kitchen where I drop all my junk when I come home. I like to look at it everyday to be reminded that life is a miracle and a gift.

I do have many more items such as these around the house, in my journals, and bookmarked on my computer. I guess I like to be uplifted by encouraging words and sayings. I love captions with pictures too. I recently found this one on Facebook and I had to share it.


And inspirational Bible verses such as this one.
I believe in these words. I believe in the power of words and the meaning behind the words. Just wanted to share some of what lifts me up. What inspires you?

Tomorrow completes the blogging challenge! I have almost made it! Whew! Katie is going to be a special little bug tomorrow. Will share tomorrow night what she dressed up as. Have to share these two pictures tonight. Love the Peanuts gang and Snoopy is the coolest dog of all time. Period. And this is a nice big tub of candy I will put on the front porch tomorrow night for the trick or treaters. I know, some of you are saying that someone will come by and dump the whole tub in their bag. So be it. I feel better having it out there whether we are here or not. Kiley bought a ton of candy today. You can’t really see how big the tub is, but it is a nice big stash! Happy Halloween and for those who don’t participate—Happy October 31st!

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