Wednesday, January 2, 2013


This was a flower I started to post back in Jan 2012 regarding Iris, a beautiful little girl I asked you to pray for. The last post I wrote in 2011 had to do with 2 children who were having medical complications. One of the children being Iris, the other being Ethan. I never posted this picture. While looking at my blog last night, I saw this picture in my drafts folder. Nothing there except the picture and the name of the post. I wrote about them back in this post--Iris and Ethan. I am sad to report that Iris did pass away from complications related to heart surgery. Her moms still need our prayers. I will sometimes send a message to her mom via Facebook just to let her know I am thinking of her, that I love her, that I wish her daughter was still here with her. I really don't know what to say--to her, to Millie's dad, to Carly and Brad's mom, to Aziza's mom, to anyone who has lost a child. But they need to know that their child is not forgotten, nor will they ever be forgotten. It is a small consolation, if any at all, but I think people are so scared of what to say or what not to say, that they don't say anything at all. I am blessed to know these parents, to share with them the love they have for their child and the heartache of losing their child.
In the post that I wrote concerning Ethan. Good news did happen. He was adopted, but he has faced several medical setbacks and is currently in crisis now. Her mother still blogs and her words just pierce my heart. Her faith is amazing to be a part of. Please keep praying for Ethan. Miracles happen everyday.
Our group of friends within the Down syndrome community recently lost another precious child, Aziza. She was fine one day, got a stomach bug, went to the ER, had major surgery and passed away. It happened so suddenly. It tears our Ds community apart. I cannot explain the bond we share, but it is incredible when we come together. No, not every parent who has a child with Ds feels the need to be a part of a support group. We don't all share the same views. We find out that we aren't all compatible with each other. It's real life. It happens.
The shooting of innocent children in Newtown, CT this past December brought our nation to a standstill as we grieved the innocent lives of 20 children gunned down. I can't imagine the despair those parents felt. As a parent, and like so many others, I held my children closer and said I love you a hundred extra times.
To beautiful Iris and all the others.....may your light always shine on.

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